With the anticipation of gathering knowledge and the probability of rain Sensei Johnny, Pierre, Marius, Ruan, Inge and Marius's 2 kids bundled together into the fun bus, we stopped for coffee and picked up our last passengers for the fun bus, Fanie, Rolf and his kids, and we were on our way to the Vaal Gasshuku at Kainos Youth Camp. Sensei Andrio led with basics as warm-ups. The importance of a solid foundation in Basic Techniques were cemented with distance training. Partnering to extend on Basic Techniques assisted karateka to visually experience the transfer of weight for reach and effectiveness. Senior Sensei’s were always on hand to assist and guide. Water and tea breaks assisted to keep all hydrated before we were divided into belt appropriate groups. Each group was taken through application of the basics earlier taught in application to the focused kata of each group. The probability of rain became confirmed with a downpour before lunch. All karate was treated to delicious hot dogs, salad and fruit. With a slight reprieve in the rain, basic kumite technique were executed. Unfortunately Sensei Marius had to deliver his training via a discussion under roof due to persistent downpour. Respect, humility and overcoming fear were all notes to be taken to heart. The rain gave each attendee thought and contemplating time on the way home, ensuring it felt rather like rowing home than driving. A sociable coffee stop had to be had. Understanding and improvements are elements gained by those who remembers even the smallest elements of the knowledge and experience shared.

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