WSKF SA hosted the senior Gasshuku in April. The beautiful Injisuthi in the Central Drakensberg was the chosen venue. Most students stayed in the self-catering chalets, with the more adventurous students deciding to camp out at the adjacent campsite.

The Gasshuku was well supported by students from the various WSKF dojos around Gauteng. The training started on Saturday morning with a vigorous 5.5km hike through the Drakensberg mountains to the dojo. This is one of the most beautiful natural dojos nested between the mountains and alongside a flowing river!

All students were very excited to have the first training session presented by the well missed Bryan Dukas Sensei. The session was tough with a strong focus on Kihon, improving leg strength and repetition. Bryan Dukas Sensei high level of enthusiasm and spirit set the tone for the remaining training sessions.
John Rust Sensei presented the next session with his usual dynamic view on kumite training. Students trained in pairs and focused on improving their target and reaction time. The importance of correct distance was emphasized during kumite.

A fundamental session focusing on correct hip rotation and application was presented by Mike Dukas Sensei. A good portion of this session was focused on correcting the basics and ensuring a good understanding of correct hip technique. The session was concluded with yoko geri-keage (side snap kick) training focusing on correct hip action and timing.... read more


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