The WSKF South African National Development Championships was held this past weekend in Vanderbijlpark. This biennial event is a highlight on our calendar and has, once again, proven to be a huge success!

The development championships caters for members of all belt levels under the age of 21. This year's event had WSKF members entered from all over South Africa, and even as far as Namibia!

The principles and standards of WSKF karate was clearly present as competitors competed in kata, basic kumite and free fighting. We are proud of each of our members and are happy to see that the medals were evenly presented across all dojos - highlighting the high level of standardization across all dojos.

A special congratulations to the following trophy winners:

- WSKF Best Tournament Spirit : Team Namibia lead by Leandro Sitler Sensei
- WSKF Best Female Competitor : Ulani Erasmus
- WSKF Best Male Competitor : Duncan Rogowski

The tournament ran smoothly and on time. It's success was a result of so many members working together, inlcuding the table officials, judges, referees, instructors, first aid staff, kitchen staff, organizers, parents, and, most importantly, the children! Thank you to all involved!

A massive thank you to our dojo members that helped with refereeing, judging, table officials, first aid, kitchen and laying of the floors for this past weekend’s hugely successful WSKF National Development Championships! An organisation is only as strong as it’s people and your contribution does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

Congratulations to all our medal winners at this weekend’s WSKF National Development Championships! We are proud of every student that took part. The sportsmanship, camaraderie and great manners is what karate is about!

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