Wesley Dyssel started karate at the age of five and was awarded his Sandan (3rd Dan) in 2011 under Mike Dukas Sensei. He has been active on the all styles tournament circuit since 2007, competing in various national and international events. Wesley Sensei became a member of the Senior National Protea team in 2014. In 2018, he stepped down from competition karate and shifted his focus back to traditional karate.

Wesley Sensei has a BA Psychology and Education degree from the University of Pretoria, a post graduate diploma in Marketing Management and has completed a course in “Dealing with problem behavior in children” at the University of South Africa.

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Teaches: Kiddies, Jnr Beginners, Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Grade: Sandan (3rd Dan)

Position: Dojo Head

Experience: 25+ Years

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Kata are taught in stages.


Kumite can be used to develop a particular technique.


Refers to the basic techniques that are taught.


As a sports discipline, traditional karate uses the tournament as one of training means.

We have Excellent Instructors, a Fully Equipped Permanent Venue & Great Spirit.

kime KARATE is very active in both national and international karate tournaments. This club has produced champions in world Shotokan events,South African National All Styles Karate events and National Shotokan events.

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