Marelie Botha actually started her karate journey secretly. Sensei Maryna (a Sensei at Dukas Karate Institute) taught kiddie classes at her kindergarten. She trained for a year without her mom knowing, her mom received a letter from the school saying she can grade, and a fee for the years’ classes. There were a couple of factors involved for her not continuing but she started again when she was 7 years old with Sensei Mike at Dukas Karate Institute in Vanderbijlpark.

From there on her love for karate grew stronger. She competed in sports karate for a while, but her passion was traditional karate. She assisted Sensei Maryna in teaching the kiddie classes for 2 years and then started teaching by herself. She been teaching at Dukas Karate Institue for 7 years.

She's been training for about 16 years and received her Nidan in 2017 in Japan. In 2017, Marelie competed in the prestigious WSKF World Karate Championships in Tokyo, Japan, and placed second in team kata!

She currently doing my Masters in Industrial Psychology and working part-time. 

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Teaches: Kiddies, Jnr Beginners & Beginners

Grade: Nidan (2nd Dan)

Position: Instructor

Experience: 16+ Years

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Kiddies Kata

Kata are taught in stages.

Kiddies Kumite

Kumite can be used to develop a particular technique.

Kiddies Kihon

Refers to the basic techniques that are taught.


As a sports discipline, traditional karate uses the tournament as one of training means.

We have Excellent Instructors, a Fully Equipped Permanent Venue & Great Spirit.

kime KARATE is very active in both national and international karate tournaments. This club has produced champions in world Shotokan events,South African National All Styles Karate events and National Shotokan events.

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