2. Sanbon Kumite

Sanbon Kumite

(3 Step Sparring)

Essentially it is fundamental training, with a partner in front of you, adding the elements of distance, timing and physical (and psychological) interaction with an `opponent’. The name three step sparring literally means there are three basic kogeiki (attacks), and five basic ukete (receptions or blocks) followed by a hangeiki-waza, or counterattack, on the third and final step.

  • 3 Attacks (Jodans / Chudans / Mae-Geri)
  • 3 Blocks (Age-Uki / Shoto-Uki / Gedan-berai)


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Other Details
  • Organizer : kime KARATE
  • Location : kime KARATE Dojo
  • Submitted On : 28 Apr 2018