[box_header type="h2" bottom_border="0"]From the moment you walk through the door you know Gymbase is a unique place[/box_header]

When we created Gym Base, we knew we wanted to be more than just a simple gym. Having worked in traditional gyms in the past, we knew we needed to create a concept that would provide our members with the most effective tools for success. This meant we needed to offer a wide range of classes both for children and adults.

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[featured_item icon="pingpong" number="5925" title_link="1" title_border="0" icon_link="1" clickable_box="0" hover_background="1" class="active"]Lost pingpong balls[/featured_item][featured_item icon="boxing" number="750" title_link="1" title_border="0" icon_link="1" clickable_box="0" hover_background="1" class="margin-top-10"]Boxing fights[/featured_item]
[featured_item icon="dumbbell-2" number="2265" title_link="1" title_border="0" icon_link="1" clickable_box="1" hover_background="1"]Dropped barbells[/featured_item][featured_item icon="gym-2" number="4395" title_link="1" title_border="0" icon_link="1" clickable_box="0" hover_background="1" class="margin-top-10"]Miles traveled[/featured_item]
[featured_item title="No long-term contract" title_link="1" title_border="1" icon_link="1" clickable_box="0" hover_background="1"]Our popular month to month plan is offered as pay as you work-out with no long term contract[/featured_item]
[featured_item title="Best equipment" title_link="1" title_border="1" icon_link="1" clickable_box="0" hover_background="1"]Practice on the best equipment global brands that addresses a wide range of people[/featured_item]
[featured_item title="Every detail matters" title_link="1" title_border="1" icon_link="1" clickable_box="0" hover_background="1"]We want you to feel supported - by dedicated team members who really care about you[/featured_item]

The owners, trainers, staff and this place make me feel like I am part of the family. It is great experience to be and train here every day

[box_header type="h5" bottom_border="1" animation="0"]Our Mission[/box_header][box_header type="h2" bottom_border="0" class="margin-top-30"]We started with a simple vision: to create the premier fitness community[/box_header]

We want to share our passion for fitness and create a community based on the pursuit of fitness. Our mission is to keep people active. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, open communication and never losing focus on helping individuals achieve balance and success inside and outside of the gym.

[timeline_carousel timeline_count="4" label0="NOV, 1997" label_style0="white" title0="First classes held" content0="The first class was created in 1997. At that time, an excellent coach, Rob Wolinski, joined us and he agreed to conduct CrossFit classes." label1="FEB, 2005" title1="The first family training club" content1="We opened our first family center in Chicago. Five training rooms, saunas, swimming pool. The first day we were visited by over 1,5000 guests." label2="NOV, 2012" title2="YMCA award received" content2="We received the YMCA award for our contribution to the development of fitness and sport in the Chicago metropolis. It was our first important prize." label3="JUN, 2015" title3="Sauna and steam room opened" content3="We opened Sauna and Steam room which is the perfect place to relax after a hard training session or to wind down after a day at work." autoplay="0" scroll="1" easing="easeInOutExpo" duration="500" animations0="1" animation_delay0="0" animations1="1" animation_delay1="300" animations2="1" animation_delay2="600" animations3="1" animation_delay3="0" animations4="1" animation_delay4="0" animations5="1" animation_delay5="0" animations6="1" animation_delay6="0" animations7="1" animation_delay7="0" animations8="1" animation_delay8="0" animations9="1" animation_delay9="0" animations10="1" animation_delay10="0" animations11="1" animation_delay11="0" animations12="1" animation_delay12="0" animations13="1" animation_delay13="0" animations14="1" animation_delay14="0" animations15="1" animation_delay15="0" animations16="1" animation_delay16="0" animations17="1" animation_delay17="0" animations18="1" animation_delay18="0" animations19="1" animation_delay19="0" animations20="1" animation_delay20="0" animations21="1" animation_delay21="0" animations22="1" animation_delay22="0" animations23="1" animation_delay23="0" animations24="1" animation_delay24="0" animations25="1" animation_delay25="0" animations26="1" animation_delay26="0" animations27="1" animation_delay27="0" animations28="1" animation_delay28="0" animations29="1" animation_delay29="0"]